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5 Easy Steps To Setup New iPhone 4 | iPhone4 How-Tos

I assume you have a new iPhone 4G with you now and you are still wondering how to set-up iPhone 4 for the first time. This simple instruction on How To Setup iPhone 4 is only applicable to the total new iPhone users.

iPhone 4G

I know you are quite excited now to own a new iPhone 4 which not yet released to my country as of now. However, please follow the below simple 5 steps to set-up your new iPhone 4 to ease your time and task.

1) Download the latest version of iTunes software.

2) Now connect your iPhone 4G to your PC using USB cable provided.

3) Don’t worry, your computer will detect iPhone 4 and you will see the instructions to register iPhone4. Follow the instructions given and iPhone guidelines will show you how and what to do?

4) Till Set Up Your iPhone screen, click YES button to ensure you synced everything to your iPhone. By the way, you have options to do synchronicing with music, photos, bookmarks, address contacts from your computer to iPhone.

5) Just choose whether you want everything synched to your computer automatically or manually sync when you plug iPhone 4 to the PC. Bravo!!! You’ve successfully set-up the iPhone 4. Enjoy the iPhone 4.

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