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Download Free Chrome Sticky Note Extension – Note Anywhere

Google Chrome browser is enriched with tons of useful plugins that can be installed to ease our daily tasks. For example, I used to have sticky note software on my Windows 7 to write important notes. However, I found that it’s not very convenient as I need to launch the sticky note software especially when I do not want to close of minimize my browser. Plus, I’m actually looking for a better online sticky note which can be launched and use on any website.

drag note anywhere

Luckily, I found Note Anywhere Chrome extension on Chrome web store. The best thing I love about Note Anywhere is you can make notes on any web page and move it to any position that you like by mouse. Furthermore, Note Anywhere will save the sticky notes created by you on web pages so when you open the web pages again, the previous notes will appear automatically.

How to use Notes Anywhere

Firstly, install Notes Anywhere extension from Chrome web store and open a new tab and load a website instead of using Chrome web store page because it has been restricted to use the plugin on Chrome store as shown in the below.

note anywhere plugin message

Now, you will notice a yellow icon on the right tool bar. Click on it will open a new sticky note on web page. You can drag and move the notes according to your preference.

note anywhere

If you want to customize the options, just right click the yellow icon and select “Options”. Click on Notes Summary will list out all the locations of Notes with website address. Select on “Settings” will let you to customize the colors, font type and text size of the Note Anywhere.

note anywhere settings

You will know how many notes opened by you on that particular page by looking at the yellow badge on right side toolbar.

open note anywhere


I love Note Anywhere Chrome extension which is free and useful especially taking important notes during browsing websites. The only small issue that I found is I cannot highlight the words because whenever I point the mouse over the text, the whole note box will move with the mouse together. Other than that, Note Anywhere is performing very well and highly recommended.

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