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Download Google Translate Extension to Translate Web Pages

Nowadays, we search lots of information via internet and sometimes we need to know the meanings of contents we found in foreign languages. It’s a time consuming if we translate it by manually copy paste on other translation website. Therefore, I would like to introduce you a free powerful automatic Google Translate.

Google Translate extension is developed by Google team and it works perfectly to translate entire webpages into your desired language. Currently, Google Translate supports 57 languages with some languages still in Alpha mode which means in the early stages of development. Click to view all the 57 languages supported by Google Translate.

How to Install Google Translate Extension?

First of all, you must install Google Chrome browser and then download Google Translate extension here. Once installed, this extension can access data on all websites and your browsing history. It will add a tiny button on the right side to your browser toolbar as shown in the below screenshot:

google translate options

Now, right-click the icon to manage the options, choose your default language and when you select Prompt automatically option, a Google Translate banner will appear on the top of page when the web page’s language is different from your Chrome options. Besides that, you can choose to enable translate automatically option and include specify languages or websites so that no more Google Translate banner will pop up again.

How to Translate Web Pages using Google Translate?

Google Translate is able to translate any web pages into any language of your choice within a few seconds and I am totally impressed with its performance. To translate the page, just left-click the Google Translate button on the right-side of browser toolbar and the page will change to new language as soon as possible. Refer to the sample page below:

google translate result


Google Translate extension is a simple, fast and user-friendly Chrome plugin that enhance user’s web experience. It works better than human translators and more accurate in the translation results. so, are you ready to add Google Translate extension to Google Chrome?

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