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Now a lot people have gotten the access to Google’s latest social networking site – Google+. Google Plus has attracted more than 10 million users in just two weeks since its launching and Google+ Plus invitations are available again for the people who already got a Google Plus account. If you are not aware of Google Plus and wanted to know more about its features, I hope the below Google Plus basic features will help you to get the brief overview of Google+.

google plus invitation

Google Plus 5 Basic Features:

1) Circles: you can easily organize friends and family in different groups and categories based on your preferences. When you share something on Google+, just share them to the designated group of people without worrying other unrelated people will see it.

2) Hangouts: chat with the friends in your circles (video chat)

3) Instant Upload: Do you like to take photos and share them to your friends? This feature will help you to upload photos and videos automatically to Google+ and you just need to decide who to share them with.

4) Sparks: send and share anything on Internet to your friends.

5) Huddle: combine different people’s conversations into one group chat from mobile phone and everyone can chat on the same page.

If you are looking for a Google Plus invitation to create new Google Plus account, follow the steps given below:

1)      Like our Facebook page.

2)      Leave a comment with your valid email address so we can send the invitation to you.

Note: Google Plus invitation will be sent to readers who follow the steps mentioned above. Kindly check the spam folder as some Google Plus invitation email may go into it.

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