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Gmail Tips – Become An Expert Gmail User

Are you a Gmail user? Do you know all the functions of Gmail? There is a new feature called “Gmail Tips” appear on the top right menu bar of Gmail. The main purpose of Gmail Tips is to help you to manage your email efficiently and increase your productivity. By learning the tips and tricks freely provided by Gmail Team, you will become the Gmail Ninja in a few minutes time.

How To Become A Gmail Ninja or Expert of Gmail ?

Based on how much email you get each day, you can choose between White Belt – I get a few messages a day, Green Belt – I get a dozen or so messages a day, Black Belt – I get a lot of messages a day and the most advance is Gmail Master – I get a massive number of messages a day.

For example, if you just get a few email every day and the right choice for you will be White Belt. Select the White belt link and the page will show you several relevant Gmail tips suitable for your level to read. I will list out all the FAQ or questions for different level of Gmail user for your reference.

White Belt – Receive A Few Emails A day

1.Use stars to indicate a note is special.
2. Reply by chat
3. Organize your email with labels
4. Clean up your inbox using “Move to” — it works just like folders.
5. Search your mail instead of sorting.
6. Archive messages to tidy up your inbox without deleting anything.
7. Import your email and contacts from your old address.
8. Spice up your inbox with a theme.
9. Join forces to rid the world of spam.

Green Belt – Receive A Dozen Emails A Day

1. Talk face-to-face with video chat.
2. Use Tasks as a handy to-do list.
3. Use filters to control the flow of incoming mail.
4. Highlight important emails using filters and colored labels.
5. Send email from your phone.
6. Preview attachments without downloading them.
7. Avoid email gaffes with Undo Send.
8. Tell your friends what you’re up to with a status message.
9. Never forget an attachment again.
10.Tell everyone when you’ll be back with vacation responder.
11.Nothing says “I’m excited” like a bouncing happy face emoticon.
12.Save notes in your drafts

Black Belt – Receive A Lot Of Emails A Day

1. Get through your mail faster with keyboard shortcuts.
2. Use search operators to find the exact message you’re looking for.
3. Filter your email with personalized email addresses.
4. See which messages were sent right to you.
5. Make Gmail go where the internet doesn’t.
6. Quickly add multiple attachments to an email.
7. Add “(EOM)” to the subject of one-liner messages.
8. Set up canned responses instead of typing the same reply over and over again.
9. Click less and watch more using YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and Yelp previews.
10.Use quick links to get anywhere in Gmail with one click.
11.Send and archive in one step.
12.Send and receive mail from multiple addresses
13.Show people who you are with a picture.

Gmail Master – Receive A Massive Number Of Emails A Day

1. Bring Google Calendar and Docs to Gmail.
2. Send SMS text messages right from Gmail.
3. Forget to sign out of a public computer? Sign out remotely.
4. Personalize your RSS feeds in web clips.
5. Access your mail via https.
6. Search for superstars by name.
7. Use Gmail on your own domain.
8. Shift-click to quickly select multiple messages.
9. Set Gmail as your default email client.
10.Emphasize the important words in chat.
11.Quote selected text to respond to a long thread.


If you can master all the tips and tricks above, I believe you are a Gmail Master now. You also can download printable Gmail Tips in pdf format. Please share your thoughts if you find these tips are useful in your daily tasks.

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