Google Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows 7

Google Chrome OS VS Microsoft Windows 7

Recently, Google released their very first Chrome OS to the world and from the name itself, you know it’s similar with Google Chrome Browser but the wonderful thing is Google Chrome operating system is running the web-centric operating system and it’s only for netbook at the moment. Therefore, I don’t see new Google Chrome OS will bring any threaten to Microsoft new operating system – Windows 7.


Why Google Chrome OS Cannot Compete with Windows 7?
1) First of all, they are in different category now,? Google Chrome OS is web-centric operating system, it means that Chrome OS runs applications just like Chrome browser. The applications running on Chrome OS are organized visually on the screen just like Chrome browser. For your info, there will be no desktop and no software installed on the system hard drive.


2) Google Chrome OS cannot installed local applications and services. It just let you boot the system, surf the web and manage the data. There will be no hard drives or DVD drives, just solid state drives. So, how am I going to run my own apps or store data in hard drive? And the worst thing is when I’ve limited access to internet connection, how do I manage and access my data online?

The Good Thing About Google Chrome OS

1) The boot-up speed for Chrome OS takes only 7 seconds according to Google. (Really fast – may be it’s web-based OS)
2) Google Chrome OS is cloud oriented just like it’s Chrome browser. All the applications and data will reside on the internet and if you lost your netbook or hardware failure. Don’t worry, just log into other PC with browser and internet connection.

The Chrome OS will not be available until last six months of 2010. It’s actually a good thing as I’m thinking Google Chrome OS still have lots of room to improve. If you ask me whether I will use Google Chrome OS or not, my answer is “Sorry, Google. I will not use your Chrome OS as of now because I think Windows 7 is doing better than you now” I hope to see more features in Google Chrome OS in the next final release.

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  • Reply kenwooi January 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    i guess since google is a web-based company, it’s normal for them to develop a web-based OS.. perhaps wanting more people to be more google savvy on the Internet? =)
    .-= kenwooi´s last blog ..Welcome To London =-.

  • Reply lee January 12, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    @Kenwooi: Thanks for the comment. Your point make sense too but I don’t think people will satisfy with the web-based OS, they will compare it with Microsoft OS. Hehe…

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