Google Launches New Search Engine – What Do You Love (

What Do You Love ( is Google’s new search engine which let you to explore and discover various search result from numerous Google products with one search in one place.

what do you love from google

Just enter anything that you like in the search box and press the little heart button on the right to see the search results. To my surprise, I actually love the WDYL concept as it showcases all relevant results from multiple Google products such as Google Picasa, Google News, Google Books, Google Groups, Google Mobile, Google Translate, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Alerts, Google Patent Search, Google Youtube, Google Blog Search, Google Trends, Google Calendar, Google Voice , Gmail and Google Image Search.

wdyl search results

I love WDYL in the first place as the user interface is simple and clean just like current Google Search website. The search results displayed are neatly categorized in a box format on single page and slider on the left side of page allow you to move the page faster than scrolling using mouse. Each result gives you a link to the Google product itself.

What is lacking about

Interestingly I don’t see Google search result on the page and it should be included because most people are looking for it. Besides, some widgets being displayed are not really relevant in my opinion. For example, when I type one of my favorite things: money; one of the search results was Google Earth and it’s not relevant to what I want.


Google always has new ideas to improve the search engine results and I truly appreciate Google’s team efforts. I hope in the near future Google’s new search engine ( will be better and accepted by users.

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