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Google SSL Https | New Secure Google SSL Search

Big G (Google INC) has introduced their newest beta secured Google SSL Search engine for all Google users. In short, SSL security provided by Google will protect your search terms and results from being intercepted by third parties software.

Google SSL Secure

Secure Socket Layer (ssl) How It Works on Google SSL Search Engine?

– All search queries and results will be encrypted when using Google’s SSL Search facility.
– SSL turns off a browser’s referrers. Browsers typically turn off referrers when going from HTTPS to HTTP mode, which provides additional privacy.
– Search results by means of SSL may be slower than that of the normal Google Search facility.

Usually you will find that most bank websites are implementing SSL technology (https) in order to provide secure connection and better security protection. For me, I will still using normal Google search engine instead of Google New SSL Search engine because I don’t think I need to hide any search term or search result from other people.

How about you? Please share your thoughts.

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