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How to Open Unknown File Formats | OpenWith.Org

Nowadays, there are tons of new software and new file extensions or file formats released to the internet. Sometimes, I even don’t know what is the meaning of these new file formats and which programs can be used to open them. I’m having difficult time to search for the software or program on internet in order to open the unknown file formats. Mostly, the programs that I found from Internet were shared software or paid software and very hard to find the free software or free programs to open it.

For example, Windows will give you an error message “Windows can’t open this file….” as shown below:

windows cannot open this file message

OpenWith.Org – Free Programs to open unrecognized file extension with Free Software

open with homepage solves the problem of opening unknown file formats using their recommended free program/free software. You can download OpenWith free program to help you to find the free programs that can open the unknown file format. Once you have installed the OpenWith program, right-click the unknown file and left-click “” – How do I Open This?”  Then, it will list out all the compatible programs and if you already installed one of the programs, it will display “Installed“, if not, it will display “Download“. OpenWith free desktop program is compatible with Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Vista. It works only in 32-bit Windows Systems. Read the full instruction guide on Desktop Tool Instruction

download openwith program

Alternative way to know what free programs to open unknown file extension

If you do not want to install OpenWith free program like me, you can actually utilize homepage to find the solution. Just type the unknown file format such as .mp4 or .wmv into the search column on homepage and press Search button.

search unknown file extension

Within a second, the search result will give you the description of file format and list of free programs that you can use to open the unknown file format. Click on Download Now to download the software.

free programs to open unknown file extension

Conclusion: provides a great service to everyone by providing the solution to open unrecognized format using free programs instead of paid programs.

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