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How to Play APE Audio Files Using Windows Media Player

Normally, we see a lot of common audio files types such as MP3, WAV, RMA, MID and we can play these audio files easily with Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Today, when I was about to listen to a Christmas album, I noticed the audio file was in APE format. I tried to use Winamp or Windows Media Player to play but to no avail. I know we can find an APE player to play the songs but I just want to keep my desktop clean and not congested with too many software. I found a plug-in which enable Windows Media Player to play APE files.

What is APE file

APE file extension (.ape) is a Monkey Audio Lossless Audio File. The APE files belong to audio lossless format which means the qualities of the songs are kept well not like some other lossy audio formats such as MP3, MP4 and WMA.

How to play APE file with Windows Media Player

radlight ape directshow filter

1)      Now, we need to download an APE audio format plug-in called RadLight APE DirectShow Filter Click here to download. The size of the file is small at around 109kb.

2)      Extract the zip file and install the RadLightAPE program to your PC just like normal program.

3)      Launch Windows Media Player and open the APE file. (You might need to restart PC if Windows Media player still not showing ape type)

windows media player plays ape files

4)      Enjoy the APE songs now.

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