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How to Restore Back Firefox Save and Quit Option in Firefox 4

I realize that the newer version of Firefox 4 does not include popular “Save and Quit” option like previous Firefox version 3.6 which was useful to me especially when I need to work on these tabs the next day. Normally, I will select “Save and Quit” option before closing my browser because I want Firefox browser to save and reopen all the previous tabs for the next time it starts. Below screenshot shows the Save and Quit message for Firefox version 3.6:

firefox save and quit message box

For your info, I had updated my Firefox browser 3.6 version to Firefox 4.0.1 not long ago and I found that my favorite Firefox option had disappeared. Instead of showing Save and Quit option, newer version of Firefox 4.0 shows the Close tabs and Cancel button when you are about to close the browser.

firefox confirm close message

How to enable Firefox Save and Quit Option in Firefox 4

There’s a solution to enable back the Firefox Save and Quit button by opening Firefox configuration page. Follow the below steps to activate the option again:

Step 1: Type about:config in browser’s location bar

firefox configuration command

Step 2: Double click the browser.showQuitWarning to activate the setting. The default “false” value will become “true”

firefox configuration

These 2 simple steps will restore back the Firefox quit warning message box again as long as you don’t update to a newer Firefox version again. Otherwise, you have to redo the settings again.

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