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I’m so happy today that my blog is being nominated as the winner of Best Technology Blog in 2010. See the screenshot below and you will find out the truth.

Hard to believe right? I just started this tech blog in the begining of January 2010 and now i’m the winner of the Best Technology Blog 2010. Sometimes, we cannot trust everything that we see because may be someone can play tricks on your eyes just like magicians.

Today I would like to teach you how to edit other people’s website by just pasting one line of cool javascript code on browser’s address bar. However, I’m not saying that you can actually edit other people’s website but you can edit their pages on your screen only. Please be aware that a lot of affiliate marketers are using this simple method to create fake screenshots such as adsense earning reports or bank transactions reports to attract more buyers.

Learn How To Edit Any Web Pages Online

Step1: Browse to any website or web page that you want to edit. For example, I choose to edit Google Search Result. Go to Google homepage and type “Best Technology Blog 2010” and hit Search button.

Step2: Paste this line of Javascript code into your web browser address bar and press Enter button.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

Step3: Now the web page become editable, just double-click any area that you want to edit. You can edit the wording or picture on that web page.

Step4: Once done, just print-screen or capture the screenshot and you will find out how easy to edit any web page within a few minutes. Enjoy trying the trick.

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