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Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2010 | Free Malware Removal

Freeware: Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware Free is your proactive malware removal tool, allowing you to combat today’s toughest cyber threats. Ad-Aware gives you comprehensive malware protection. With real-time monitoring, threat alerts, and automatic updates you can rest easy knowing that you are protected. 

Ad-Aware Free Anti-Malware features real-time protection, a rootkit removal system, e-mail scanning, automatic updates, and much more — to ensure that you have the power to protect yourself online.

  • Shop, bank, and make travel arrangements online – We keep you safe from password stealers, keyloggers, spyware, trojans, online fraudsters, identity thieves and other potential cyber criminals.
  • Control your privacy – Erase tracks left behind while surfing the Web – on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox – in one easy click.
  • Get Peace of Mind – Know that your personal information is kept safe from dangerous intruders and prying eyes.

New AdAware Features:

  • New!Core Malware Protection
  • Ad-Watch Live! Basic integrated real-time protection
  • New!Genotype Detection Technology
  • New!Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection
  • New!Rootkit Removal System
  • New!The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool
  • New!Download Guard for Internet Explorer
  • New!E-mail Scanner
  • Minimal Strain on System Resources
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Automatic Updates

Ad-Aware Product Comparison Chart:

Definition of Smart defense against advanced threats:

  • Comprehensive malware protection – Powerful protection against spyware, trojans, worms, malware, rootkits, rogue applications, and much more.
  • Anti-Virus – Detection, removal, and repair of traditional virus threats.
  • Ad-Watch Live! Basic – Real-time process protection blocks malicious processes and infected programs that try to start or run on your system.
  • Ad-Watch Live! Advanced – Real-time registry protection and process protection including behavior-based heuristics scanning.
  • Ad-Watch Live! Expert – Gives you an additional layer of security by blocking connections to blacklisted IP addresses. It also adds real-time network protection, registry protection, and process protection including behavior-based heuristics scanning.
  • Behavior-Based Heuristical Detection – Extra Sensory Protection allows you to go a step beyond detecting known threats � the heuristical detection finds and blocks unknown and emerging threats by analyzing the process and assessing its behavior.
  • Genotype Detection Technology – Based on heuristics, genotype allows Ad-Aware to stay one step ahead of today’s ever-evolving threats, as well as threats that have not yet been created.
  • Rootkit Removal System – Protection against hidden threats and stealth attacks.
  • Rootkit Removal System – Level 2 Advanced – Deep level rootkit technology that uncovers and destroys hidden threats, detecting both user-mode and kernel-mode attack techniques.
  • ootkit Removal System – Level 3 Expert – Expert level rootkit technology to uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools, stealth mechanisms and hidden code.
  • The Neutralizer – Advanced removal tool combats malware that attempts to restore itself even after rebooting your system.
  • Download Guard – Provides an additional layer of protection that lets you download files on Internet Explorer confidently.

Definition of Your online safety net

  • Detect, remove AND Repair – Ad-Aware intelligently cleans your system by removing all traces of the infection.
  • E-mail Scanner – Keeps you safe from malicious attachments and images in your e-mail.
  • External Drive Scanning – Scan your external storage device, iPod, USB’s, or any other drives that you connect to your PC for an additional layer of security.
  • Network Drive Scanning – Scan network drives so you can detect malware on any shared disks on your network.
  • Pin-Point Scanning – Right click any file or folder to perform an immediate scan to determine if it’s safe or not.
  • System Restore Point – Set a system restore point so you can clean your PC without fear of obstructing your operating system.

Definition of Features to simplify your life

  • Minimal use of computer resources – Consume a very minimal computer memory to enhance PC performance.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – Stay protected while watching videos, playing games, or making presentations in full screen mode – without annoying interruptions or strain on system resources that other security software programs cause.
  • Customizable Profile Scans – Save time by creating profile scans for even faster, more efficient scans.
  • Lavasoft SmartSet – Based on expert recommended settings, we have configured your Ad-Aware to make scanning and cleaning your computer as easy as possible.
  • Simple Mode / Advanced Mode – Simple Mode is designed to make using the program as easy as possible, whereas Advanced Mode will let you customize all the settings as you choose.
  • Automatic Updates – Continuous pulse updates to guard your privacy against cyber attacks throughout the license duration.
  • Full Integration with Windows Security Center – Get Ad-Aware protection and status notifications through the Windows Security Center, if for example, any part of your security has been turned off or disabled.
  • The Scheduler – Automatic Scans set to your personalized schedule to optimize time and resources. If used in combination with Lavasoft SmartSet, all you have to do set & forget.
  • Free Technical Support – Direct, in-product access to the Lavasoft Support Center.

Definition of  Bonus tools for an additional layer of security

  • Lavasoft Toolbox – Block unsecure and harmful websites with the Hosts File Editor; keep track of all running processes with Process Watch; reduce the toll on your system with the AutoStart Manager, and submit suspicious files to ThreatWork Alliance.
  • Command Line Support – Manage Ad-Aware without launching the interface window.
  • Lavasoft ThreatWork Alliance – ThreatWork Alliance allows us to provide the best protection possible against the newest and most relevant threats, through the help of our community of security volunteers.
  • TrackSweep – Control your privacy by erasing tracks left behind while surfing the web.
  • Background Scanning – Save resources by closing Ad-Aware while scanning your computer – keep working while a scan is performed.
  • Community-Driven Skins – We now give you the power to control the look of Ad-Aware. Pick a new look in our Skin Gallery or design your very own skin. The power is in your hands!
  • Community-Driven Translations – This is the people’s product, so the new XML-based language format of the GUI allows you to edit and upload translated text to share with the world. Power to the people!

Basic Hardware Requirement:

Processor  – P600 MHz or better
RAM – Operating system + 100 MB
Hard Disk – 100 MB free space recommended
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 2000 Pro

Supported Languages
English, French, German, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish


Lavasoft Ad-Aware is a reliable free Malware Removal which provides you Real-time protection against spyware, trojans, rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers.

*Ad-Aware Free (freeware) is not for commercial use.

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  • Reply Lakhyajyoti March 26, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Before few weeks my laptop was infected by bankerfox.A.That time this software really helps me remove malware from my lappy.

  • Reply lee March 26, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    @Lakhyajyoti: Good to hear that. Lavasoft Ad-Aware is a great software. I h avebeen using it when I was studying.

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