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Most Reported Vulnerabilities Applications 2009 – Mozilla Firefox

Based on the statistics provided by Qualys, a vulnerability management provider; Mozilla Firfox was the most reported vulnerabilities applications in year 2009 which had 102 vulnerabilities compared to 90 last year. The second highest most reported vulnerabilities application was Adobe – rose from 14 to 45 vulnerabilities and follow by Microsoft – dropped from 44 to 41 cases.

Why Mozzilla Firfox Top Most Reported Vulnerabilities Application ?

In my opinion, Firefox is a open source software where all holes are publicly disclosed and it does not means that it has the most bugs in the software. Some other software makers like Adobe and Microsoft do not disclose the figures of internal hole findings and only disclose the one which were found by third party vendors or outside researchers. Therefore, you will not see big amount of reported vulnerabilities holes from them. Google Chrome And Internet Explorer Are Safer Than Mozilla Firefox ? According to Bit9, a provider of application whitelisting technology, Mozilla Firefox is sitting on the top seat again in the category of popular applications that run on Windows and not updated automatically. Unlike Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, the applications will install the patches automatically whenever users are on the internet. Therefore, are we considered Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are better and safer than Mozilla Firefox?


Well, I don’t think that Mozilla Firefox is vulnerable because Mozilla Firefox is frequently update the status of their vulnerabilities and updating the new version of Firefox. It’s user’s responsibility to ensure the software that their used are in the good condition. If you always upgrading to the latest version of Mozilla Firfox, I can ensure that you have better security plus better performance in using the web. Just for your reminder, if you have not updated to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.6, please click here to upgrade your Firefox browser- to experience the fastest performance ever.

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