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Shrinktheweb | Free Website Thumbnail Generator

Sometimes I feel very hard to capture the website thumbnail especially when I want to review a website. Website thumbnail is a screenshot of homepage which can help visitors to easily recognize your website. Website Thumbnails also save reader’s time because the readers just need to glance at the thumbnails before clicking to view the website.

Website Thumbnails are attractive to most of the Internet users because they can preview on the website layout and contents. If your website has unique layout and design, more readers are willing to click to see your website and it will boost your website traffics as well. is a free website thumbnail generator that allow you to generate any websites’s thumbnail screenshot in 6 various default sizes such as  320X200 pixels, 200×15 pixels, 120×90 pixels, 100×75 pixels, 90×68 pixels and 75×56 pixels.

How to use Shrink The Web to generate Website Thumbnail?

The steps are quite simple and straight forward. Firstly, just go to and you will find generate a screenshot text bar located at the left bottom of homepage.

generate website screenshot

Just put the website url and click go button and the website will generate website thumbnails in a few seconds time.

useget website thumbnails

Right click the website thumbnail that you want and save image as .jpg and it’s done. Pretty simple and easy huh!


I’m quite impressed with Shrinktheweb’s service because it provides easy, friendly and the most importantly the service is Free. If you are heavy users who need to generate lots of website thumbnails, you can opt to purchase their professional package to enjoy more benefits.

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