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Solution to Access All Special Chrome Level Angry Birds

Now many people have access to Online Angry Birds game thanks to Rovio and Chrome. For all existing Smartphone users (iPhone or Android), I believe most of you have played Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio games. Therefore, the only attraction of Chrome Angry Birds game will be special Angry Birds 7 levels for Chrome. However, you need to finish all the same game levels before able to play special Chrome levels.

play special chrome levels angry birds

Thanks to wesbos for giving an easy solution to us to access all 7 exclusive levels in Chrome Angry Birds. You just need to copy and paste a simple line of JavaScript code into browser’s address bar and press Enter to open all levels.

unlock chrome angry birds game

How to Unlock exclusive Chrome Angry Birds levels

1)      Launch Angry Birds Online game at

2)      Copy the following JavaScript line and paste on browser’s address bar and press Enter button.

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3’); i++; } window.location.reload();

3)      You’ll find all levels now unlock and you also get maximum 3 stars for each level. Cool!

angry birds chrome level

Let’s play and enjoy the exclusive Chrome Angry Birds game now.

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