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Top 5 useful Apple Apps For Apple iOS 4 | iBooks, Dropbox

Apple had announced the latest Operating System for iPod and iPhone called iOS 4. IOS 4 contains lots of new features including existing features and one good thing about iOS 4 mobile operating system is it allows third-party developers to improve their applications. Now with iOS 4, multitasking is possible but you need to have iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. In addition, third party software that supports multitasking needs to be upgraded to iOS 4 version as well.

Before you upgrade to iOS 4, make sure you sync the device with iTunes before upgrading to avoid any data or information missing. The whole download and installation process will take around 2 hours. Since the iOS4 just released on June 21, 2010 and most iPhone owners are still finding useful applications that are optimized for iOS 4, I would like to introduce you top 5 useful  iOS 4 compatible programs for your iPhone.

1. iBooks

Apple iBooks

It’s totally free software ready for iOS 4 users. This program allows users to download or buy e-books, flip through pages using the device’s touch screen. You can choose to get sample or download it to your iBooks Application.

2. Dropbox

Apple Dropbox

This is very useful application in Apple Store. Dropbox allows users to take files from their own iPhones and upload to internet. It works perfectly with photos, documents and other files that are saved on user’s Iphone. Now with the iOS 4, you can upload content to the web and work in other application at the same time with the help of multitasking function

3. WordPress for IPhone

Wordpress For IPhone
Yes, you heard it right. WordPress for IPhone is a great feature of new iOS 4 and also a good news for WordPress bloggers. Bloggers are able to access their blogs very easily and support for fast-app switching.

4. Pandora Radio

iPhone Pandora Radio
Pandora Radion is a free music streaming app for iPhone users. Again thanks to multitasking function, users now able to surf the internet, check email while running Pandora Radio.

5. Twittelator Free

Twittelator Free
Another Free of charge iOS 4 compatible application which provide better speed and allows iPhone users to update their Twitter profiles, videos, geotag tweets. It is a full featured application which is specially designed for iOS 4 users.

For more information about iOS 4, I recommend you to visit below Apple iOS 4 software website to learn more features about iOS 4.

Apple’s iOS 4 Software Update page

Apple’s iOS 4 Software Update support page

For any problems with Apple’s iOS 4 installation, you may visit Apple’s support forums for help.

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