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9 Useful tips to operate the new iPhone X.

Useful tips to operate the new iPhone X.

Hello iPhone enthusiasts! Today I am going to share some tips and tricks for your shiny brand new iPhone X that would help you with its better use-ability. It may also help you discover the hidden potential your new iPhone carries!

1. How to switch to home screen without a home button?

So first and foremost we’re going to stick to the basics because believe it or not, they are always important. So, as you all know the iPhone X comes without a home button, but there is no need to worry about that, there are other, better ways to navigate your phone. For example, if you are already using an application and have to switch to the home screen, then all you have to do is swipe from bottom to top and there you have it, you’ve reached your destination! Just pay attention to that little bar at the bottom of your iPhone X’s screen.

2. How to access the multi-task bar?

Another thing that might interfere with the new iPhone not having a home button is, how to get to the multitasking bar? Remember in the previous iPhones when you pressed your home button twice it showed a string of applications that had already been running? Yes, that! Now that the home button is gone a lot of you might be wondering how to get to the multi-tasking bar. Well, to get to that, all you need to do is you swipe up to your screen, you take a pause and the bar appears. You can then skim through your bar and pick whatever application you want to go to.

3. How to get rid of apps from your task bar?

And if you want to get rid of any app then like in the previous iPhones, do not swipe because that’s not going to do anything. What you have to do here is swipe up, take a pause and when the task bar shows keep pressing the app you want to get rid of and then a red closing bar would show at the top left of that app’ task bar, press that and that would help you get rid of any unnecessary applications.

4. How to access Siri?

So now comes the question: how to access Siri in your iPhone X? Well there is a solution to everything when it comes to new and improved technology. The tip to using Siri in iPhone X is quite simple, so in the previous iPhones we’d press and hold the home button in order for Siri to operate right? In the iPhone X you’d have to press and hold you lock screen button in order to access Siri or just say ‘Hey Siri’ and Siri would appear. Yes, it’s that simple!

5. How to turn off your phone?

Alright, so now that I have clarified what the lock screen button is useful for, a lot of you might be wondering what do we do if we’d want to turn off our phone since the lock screen is already taken by Siri? Well in this case you’d have to press and hold both your lock screen button and your volume down button if you ever feel the need to switch off your phone.

6. How to take a screenshot?

And obviously now comes the question of how could we take a screen shot in the iPhone X? Well it’s quite similar to what we just did in order to turn our phone off only in this case we’d have to press and hold the lock screen button and the volume up button but not for too long. Well there you have it there’s your screenshot. And not just that when you’re done taking a screenshot you can tap on the shot at the bottom left of your phone’s screen, you can then edit it and when you’re done you can either save it to your camera roll or just delete it. This is how you take a screenshot on the iPhone X.

7. Lock Screen features.

So let’s talk about what happens when you lock your phone? There are few lock screen options like, if you want to see your lock screen then just tap on your locked phone and it will show you the lock screen. Now, on the bottom left of your lock screen there is the flash light button, tap that and your flash light would be on. On the bottom right of your lock screen is the camera button tap that and you’ll access the camera. You can also access your camera by swiping to the left. And if you swipe right you can see your today’s feed. You wipe from top to bottom your control panel would appear. And if you don’t want to use face ID then swipe your phone from top bottom to top without actually directly looking at it and wait for a couple of seconds the phone would then ask you for your passcode.

8. Watching movies on the new iPhone.

This hack is for those who like to watch movies on their iPhones. Now when you sit down to watch a movie on your iPhone X it would give the standard visual settings with two bars at the top and bottom of your screen but if you want a fuller more zoomed view then pinch out of the screen and you’d have a full screen view. Pinch in, and you’re back to your standard view.

9. Accessing the Control Panel.

If you want to access your control panel, remember that it will no longer appear after you swipe from bottom to top. Now you’d have to swipe from the top right to bottom and voila! There you have it. Your control panel right there. You would also wonder that in the new iPhone X your battery bars no longer shows your battery percentage like it used to in the previous iPhones. Well in order to keep in track of your power you’d again have to swipe to your control panel and there you could see how much battery you’ve used up.

Now that we’ve got all of that wrapped up, I hope you have a clear idea as to how to operate your new iPhone for better ownership. Yes, it is no doubt that the new iPhone is a piece of work but once you get used to these new features you’ll really enjoy the experience of using the new iPhone.

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