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I would like to introduce at least 1 useful website to my readers each week starting this year. In my opinion, many people especially students and children are browsing internet everyday and they are easily browse into bad websites such as adult-related websites or malicious websites. Therefore, I think it’s good that I can share some good websites resources for everyone to save their time in searching for good websites.

Today I would like to introduce an education website called ““. Let us read through their vision statement before going through more detail into the website.

“Refdesk aims to index, review, and publish quality, credible information-based Web sites and to assist readers in navigating and extracting needed data from these sites. On the Internet since 1995, Refdesk is free and family-friendly.”

Features of

Refdesk is a reference and news resource website which only links to no adult-related, sexually explicit sites and 100% family-friendly. The access is free of charge and has over 20,000 selected website links on more than 500 pages. They are very strictly while accepting new sites and I personally think that is a free public library website just like From the refdesk site, you are able to read the fact of the day, site of the day, current headline news, thought of the day, this day in history, article of the day, today’s birthday, encyclopedias and other great stuffs.

How To Use
The homepage of is just like Yahoo portal where you can easily access to various type of search engine, email, reference websites. The only difference is do not contains any adult-related sites and all the websites here were selected carefully for your reference. Therefore, you can make it as homepage on your PC or laptop and ensure that your children are surfing on useful websites.

Support is depending on public’s donation to maintain their website and if you find is useful, you may consider to donate subscribe to ad-free Refdesk for $25 per year to help with the maintenance, growth and costs of publishing Refdesk. The subscription allow you to view all refdesk pages without any ads and the refdesk will load faster than the regular version with ads.

Mobile Refdesk
Now, mobile Refdesk is available on mobile device internet browser. Just type and you are able to browser the contents of at anywhere you go.

Conclusion: was created in 1995 by Bob Drudge and the primary goal was to give visitors fast and easy access to information on other Internet sites. Everyone especially the parent should support this content-rich website in order to make sure their children still have a good online reference website in the future.

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