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Windows Internet Explorer 9 Not For Windows XP

If you are a fan of Internet Explorer (IE), then I guess you must be interested with the newest Windows Internet Explorer 9. The IE9 platform has several improvements and new features such as:
– Background compilation
– Type Optimizations
– Fast Interpreter
– Library Optimizations

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 includes a new JavaScript engine to support HTML5 and hardware accelerated graphics and text. IE 9 is the first browser designed to take advantage of modern hardware, graphics and performance improvements to deliver better hardware accelerated scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Bad News To Windows XP Users
Internet Explorer 9 released is a bad news for all Windows XP users like me because IE9 just don’t support Windows XP platform. If you try to install Internet Explorer 9 in Windows XP, you will see a message like this “Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview does not support any operating system earlier than Windows Vista SP2”

It means the newest Internet Explorer 9 will only run on Windows Vista (with SP2) or Windows 7. For me, I’m OK with it because I’m a fan of Firefox Mozilla since a few years ago. For users who has been using Windows Vista (with SP2) or Windows 7, you can proceed to try install Internet Explorer 9 beta version to experience the some improved features on IE speed.

Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) For Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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