Our mission is to bring people closer through commerce.

Get is a social marketplace which uses collective data to benefit all it’s ecosystem stakeholders.
Sharing, linking and matching for commerce and transactions is in our blood. Social is in our DNA.

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Delivering the best.

Our work is guided by our company’s philosophy and culture. This firmly roots us in striving towards our mission, as well as delivering the best for our users.

Our philosophy centers on delivering good news and social impact – we do this through our automated recommendation engine.

Our users can share their attendance on upcoming events and their recent purchases to their social feed.

Our culture focuses on three main core believes.

  1. Our users come first. We actively engage and listen to our users on their needs.
  2. We deliver solutions quickly to address user needs.
  3. Our product updates aim to maximise positive impacts for our users.

For Organisations

Get revolutionises the distribution from traditional offline stalls to online social commerce network.

  • Inventory management & end-to-end payments for tickets, merchandise and memberships.
  • Easy delivery of both digital and physical goods.
  • Automated discovery of your products and services to audiences via Get’s dynamic community algorithms.
  • Data collection and analytics to better understand both your organisation and your customers.

#1 in Memberships, Ticketing & Merchandise
#1 in Memberships, Ticketing & Merchandise

For Consumers

Get as a social commerce platform replicates the experience of strolling through the market with your friends.

  • Share and spread your purchases and good finds with your social circle.
  • Easy delivery of both digital and physical goods.
  • Save time and money when buying from sellers on Get.

For Brands

Utilise the huge marketplace as well as our offline, online, and distributed channels.

  •  The active buyer marketplace on Get can improve your unit economics by bringing items directly to consumers.
  • Get’s social feed and recommendation algorithms help boost awareness and distribution of your products and services.

#1 in Memberships, Ticketing & Merchandise