Engage your club members with Get Messenger

View all your contacts you’ve accumulated from your events or member sign ups.

Easily group, and re-engage with e-mail or push notifications, directly or at mass. Works like magic.

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Portfolio Overview

Contacts Sorter

Sort contacts into groups with conditions like first years, business students, or alumni, or 40+ other granular combinations.

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Send mass & pretty e-mail announcements for upcoming events, venue changes, merch drops, new sponsor deals, recurring club newsletters or.. anything.

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Portfolio Messenger

Team Inbox

Answer queries about payment issues, event clarifications, merch sizing or anything else

Engage instant mass chat groups using Channels.

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Get supporting you

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Privacy

Is Get as a company, Personal Data Protection Act/Personal Privacy Act compliant?

Yes, we are. We take privacy very seriously, it’s built from our company policies and into our product too (privacy & permission level options). To read all our policies go here.

How does Get help us meet our own regulatory needs in terms of privacy compliance?

We take a step further by protecting you and all organisations on Get. On all organisation-member pages, Get has built-in privacy clauses/templates which ensures consent between all user and your organisation’s interactions.

Data Security

Is Get secure today? What do you do for your security?

We’re PCI compliant in security. You’ll also never worry where, how much and whether money was collected for any of your members. Read about all our security controls public here.

Will you ever send unwarranted marketing spam to our members?

No, we follow the Spam Control Act (Chapter 311A) of Singapore.