End-to-end Ticketing

That’s where we come in to help you. Get provides you with a custom-tailored solution for your every need to run your next event perfectly.https://useget.com/main/au/wp-content/uploads/sites/38/2020/03/02_GET_Promo_Ticketing.mp4

Pay Methods

Accept any payment method for your club’s event tickets – whether cards online or cash in-person.  All payments tracked to one dashboard.

Collect money for tickets

Track Sales

Only successful payments issue confirmation digital receipts & tickets to both club and buyer, instantaneously.

Securely view your ticket money and send locally anytime. (e.g paying vendors)

Learn about treasury


Invite & share the Club account with marketing, operations, treasurer, president to be on the same page.

Add ticket scanners to check-in tickets on event day.


Limits & Timing

Create multiple ticket types representing groups.

Automatically limit total event/ticket type quantity issuance, open/close at specific times (e.g early bird & general admission sale periods) or simply block off non-members (e.g first years only).


Synced device-wide

On a bus? In your study room?

Create & edit ticket types, monitor sales, or view money from Get’s mobile app or via desktop web.

Data & notifications synced all the time.

The Get App

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Multiplayer check-ins

Multiple entrances or long queues?  Add multiple authorised users to scan your event tickets, simultaneously at lightning speed.

Instant QR ticket ID scan checking. Dog ate your tickets? Switch to guest-list search mode.

The Get App
Get Ticketing Multi-player scanning

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