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1Get's COVID-19 Clubs and Societies Survival Guide

The official student club e-book nourishing you with everything you with everything about how to run your club or society virtually. Maintaining membership engagement, virtual events, merchandising, team collaboration and more.

Our gift to you, free.

2Mass Messaging Platform

Introducing Messenger - Easily communicate directly with your club's contacts. Message them easily through Get and e-mail.

To help clubs stay digitally connected, we're waiving premium subscription fees for this feature till September 2020.

Mass Emailing Platform (Free)

3Ticketed Virtual Events

You can still leverage Get to bring your members together through virtual events like workshops, panel discussions, networking, watch parties, or fundraising.

Collect registrations via Get and deliver virtual event links directly to member inboxes.

Ticketed Virtual Events

4 Club Membership deals delivered virtually

Sell your club's memberships online.Deliver them completely remotely & instantaneously.

Digital membership cards are... digital and accessible anytime by your members on the Get app.

Club Membership deals delivered virtually

5Remote Merchandise Delivery

Got seasonal or year-round to make your members feel like family?List them online. Collect payments. We'll deliver them for you through our partners. Get in touch to discuss 🤚🏻

Remote Merchandise Delivery
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7Team Workspace, Documents, Chat

Get has launched its team workspace  for organisations and club virtual accounts. During WHO’s pandemic classification, we’re waiving premium subscription fees required to access this feature for your use.

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6Analytics, Calendar, Team Drive

Get in control of your organisation, in one place. 

Use our new, detailed Analytics tool to follow ticket, merchandise and membership sales. 

Your Team Calendar is a great way to look back on what you’ve done, and plan the future! Schedule an event, merch item or membership card and see it pop up in the calendar, for your whole team to access.

Got an invoice to pay? A minutes template for meetings? No need to lose important documents in Facebook or WhatsApp chats anymore, with Team Drive.

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