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Set up and start selling your merchandise in 60 seconds.
Quick and hassle-free, your members and followers can finally get a piece of your brand!

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Start selling in 60 seconds.

It has never been easier to start selling your organisation’s merchandise! With Get, it takes just 60 seconds to set up your shop!

  • Quick and simple setup.
  • Your own e-commerce store.
  • List your merchandise and start selling to your members!

Collect pre-orders.
Without the hassle.

We know that collecting pre-orders can be troublesome and even frustrating at times. Say goodbye to your woes and say hello to pre-ordering with Get.

Easily receive preorders from your customers. Collect payments and track order statuses all in one place!

Just set up your pre-order item with Get, and we’ll do the rest for you!

Stop doing it alone.
It's much better with others.

Teamwork does indeed make the dream work.

With Get, managing your organisation’s merchandise is no longer one man’s job.

Manage your inventory and supply, monitor your sales revenue, update your online Get merch store. Different team members can now always be in the loop.

Team settings enable you to select and share merchandising tasks with your team members.

Track transactions and
payout at any time.

We understand that in today’s world, everyone is constantly on-the-go and busy.

With these considerations in mind, Get allows you to not only monitor your merchandise sales anywhere, but even have the flexibility to payout the money collected from your merch sales at anytime.

All payment channels.
Instant notifications.

Our flexible payment methods allow you to collect merchandise payments:

  • Through the online Get merchandise store.
  • At your organisation booth you set up.
  • On the streets, when you hard sell your merch.
  • Through the Get mobile application.
  • On event day, selling your merch.

Instant payment notifications and receipt delivery.

  • Immediate proof-of-purchase for your customers.
  • Instant customer contact point for delivery of sales receipt.

Another sale, another contact.
Grow with Get.

With every new sale, your organisation gains a new contact.

After every purchase, your customer automatically becomes a new contact point for your organisation or brand.

Connect with your customers and grow your brand!

With our active social commerce platform, every new contact you make greatly magnifies your brand’s reach to thousands of other people.

Manage from anywhere.
Sell to everyone.

Multi-OS, cross-platform.

Maximize your reach for your event.

Get is cross-browser, multi-platform compatible. This means that more people can see your merch, and more people can purchase your merch.

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