Member Lists

View contacts with active membership cycles from mobile or web. Searchable, flexible, customisable.

Replaces manual spread-sheeting work.

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Create & design a uniform membership card to be issued to all your members efficiently, whilst beautifully.

Cards display owner's name and unique membership number.

New members

Register new members online (e.g IG bios) or at your O-week booth. It just works.

Membership cards delivered right to new member's phone & e-mail upon successful registration.


Create built-in flexible set of questions of any type - short/long answer, MCQs, checkboxes, disclaimers, attachments.

View successful responses at member lists.

Member Deals & Benefits

Add amazing partner and sponsor deals available for active members. (e.g Redeem 10% of bubble tea from BBT ABC).

Set ticket types to be exclusive to active card membership owners.


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