Better than your membership management.

Say goodbye to working with a huge mess of different tools all at once. Get can replace your spreadsheets, online and physical registration forms, cash collection, digital fund transfers and more. We are everything in one.

Still using spreadsheets for your member records?

Out with the old, in with Get.

With Get, you can now manage your members like never before.

  • Team permissions for your members lists.
  • Customisable membership types.
  • 1-click filtering and sortin.
  • Quickly search through your members.
  • Secure access and permission logs to your members' data.

Your personalised membership card.

You've got your members, now what? Step it up a notch with Get and create your very own digital membership card for your organisation and members!

- Customise your card with your organisation's own design!

- Display your organisation's name, and member's details on the card.

- Track membership expiry dates and more!

Create your very own membership card now!

All payment channels. Instant notifications.

Our flexible payment methods allow you to collect membership fees:

  • Through online signups, on desktop and mobile.
  • At your open day event booth.
  • On the streets while you engage potential members.
  • Through the Get mobile application.

Instant payment notifications and ticket delivery.

  • Immediate proof-of-purchase and membership for your members.
  • Instant delivery of your organisation's digital membership card.
Manage your memberships with Get now!

Comprehensive management settings.

Memberships made better:

- Custom entry fields: Get only the data you need from your members.

- Membership requirements: Refine your membership targeting with precision.

- Membership settings: Define and control your membership settings with ease.

Upgrade your member management with Get!

Reward your members.

Your members deserve the best and so much more!

  • Easily integrate your organisation's promotions.
  • View and manage all your member perks and benefits.
  • Display your rewards conveniently on your members' digital membership cards.
Start rewarding your members today!

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