Perfect events run on perfect ticketing solutions.

That's where we come in to help you. Get provides you with a custom-tailored solution for your every need to run your next event perfectly.

All payment channels. Instant notifications.

Our flexible payment methods allow you to collect ticket payments:

  • From a desktop computer or laptop.
  • At the ticket booth you set up.
  • On the streets while you hard sell your tickets.
  • Through the Get mobile application.
  • Right outside the entrance on the day of your event.

Instant payment notifications and ticket delivery.

  • Immediate proof-of-purchase for your customers.
  • Instant customer contact point for delivery of tickets.
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Track transactions and payout at any time.

We understand that in today's world, everyone is constantly on-the-go and busy.

With these considerations in mind, Get allows you to not only monitor your ticket sales anywhere, but even have the flexibility to payout the money collected from your ticketing sales at anytime.

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Stop doing it alone.It's much better with others.

Teamwork does indeed make the dream work.

With Get, ticketing is no longer one man's job.

Team settings enable you to select and share ticketing functions with others team members, ensuring that everyone stays connected and is constantly updated and on the same page.

Manage ticketing with your team today!

Get in full control with customizeable settings.

Ticketing made for you:

- Ticket types: Early bird? Members discounts? VIP tickets? You can have it all!

- Ticket limits: Flash sale tickets for the first 50 buyers? We got you.

- Ticket bundles: Sell more with the ability to create ticket bundles!

- Event capacity limits: We'll track ticket sales so you never exceed location capacity!

Customize your tickets today!

Manage from anywhere.Sell to everyone.

Multi-OS, cross-platform.

Maximize your reach for your event.

Get is cross-browser, multi-platform compatible. This means that more people can view your event, and more people can purchase your tickets.

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Multi-player scanning.We like it fast.

No more snaking long queues at your event entrance.

Get allows you to simultaneously scan multiple digital tickets at once, reducing hold ups at your entrance, and reducing wait times for your customers.

Don't worry unnecessarily about congestions with Get. We allow you to focus on what's important - running your event.

Happy customers, excellent events.

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