A virtual treasury for modern clubs and societies.

Storing money in a President’s personal bank account, or bringing cash in a tin back to your dorm room?

It’s unsafe for your ticket buyers and for you. The lack of transparency causes frustration and questions from your executive team, as well as extra accounting work.

Store money

Secure store your money in an online Get account, with access for your whole committee (or choose to limit access to only those who need it).

Portfolio Messenger

Spend money

Pay for venues, merchandising, photography invoices, and more with the money in your Get Treasury.

Portfolio Events

Send money

Request a payout of your Treasury’s funds into a nominated bank account, and receive it within two working days.

Helping portfolio managers save time.

Receive money

All money you collect through selling event tickets, merchandise or club memberships will be stored in the Treasury automatically, with easy access to see what’s been happening.

Portfolio Memberships

Issue digital receipts to students

No more scribbling on bits of paper and losing track of payments. Digital transaction receipts are issued instantly upon successful payment via SMS and email to your buyer. 

Office & union-friendly reporting

The Treasurer’s best friend. You can easily view, track and export your transaction history and generate an invoice in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Privacy

Yes, we are. We take privacy very seriously, it’s built from our company policies and into our product too (privacy & permission level options). To read all our policies go here.

We take a step further by protecting you and all organisations on Get. On all organisation-member pages, Get has built-in privacy clauses/templates which ensures consent between all user and your organisation’s interactions.

Data Security

We’re PCI compliant in security. You’ll also never worry where, how much and whether money was collected for any of your members. Read about all our security controls public here.

No, we follow the Spam Control Act (Chapter 311A) of Singapore, the Spam Act 2003 in Australia, and other relevant laws in applicable countries.

It's time to join the party

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